About Us

Brand D Media was created with a multi-purpose of bridging the Gap between Mainstream Clients and the South Asian community as well as to provide high quality PR and media management for Clients in the South Asian and Mainstream business community with a very cost effective approach. We are aiming to work with bigger and smaller Companies with larger, medium and smaller budgets to give them the best PR Bang for their Buck!

Brand D Media is headed by individuals who are passionate about being innovators and trailblazers in the PR game. The company is headed by award winning journalist R. Paul Dhillon, who has worked as a journalist, PR-Media Specialist and filmmaker for over 25 years in Vancouver. Dhillon, the President and CEO of Brand D Media, is supported by Senior Consultant Paarull Bakshi, a marketing PR specialist, writer-columnist, who has a wide array of business experience including being a Franchising Consultant.

At Brand D Media, we specialize  in strategies for creating buzz around our clients’ products and services which are perceptive, dynamic, and adaptive in this fast-paced environment. We craft messages that are designed to create buzz that leads to results of connecting the consumer to our clients’ product or services.